questioning current stakes of pharmaceuticals in Africa
26-29 Mar 2018 Ouidah (Benin)

The symposium briefly...

This scientific meetings will take place in march the 26th to 29th 2018, in the city of Ouidah (next to Cotonou), Benin.

Through this international colloquium, we wish to discuss the multiple stakes surrounding pharmaceuticals in Africa today, with particular consideration of their markets, the political and economic actors which they mobilize, related instruments of regulation, control and competition, modes of health care in which they are placed, and finally their modes of consumption by individuals, without losing sight of the adaptation of "traditional medicines" to the evolution of economic models. Regulation, with its broad sense of norms actually at play, legislative, biomedical, technical and commercial, seems to transverse these various questions and will thus be widely considered.

Four inescable conferences

1- Historical approach to the stakes of pharmaceuticals in Africa
Speaker : Noémie Tousignant, historian and anthropologist (University of Montréal, University McGill)
Title soon

2- Technical approach to the stakes of pharmaceuticals in Africa
Speaker : Sudip Chaudhuri, economist (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta)
Mise en perspective de l'expérience du développement de l'industrie pharmaceutique en Afrique, à partir de
l'expérience indienne

3- Emerging stakes of pharmaceuticals in Africa
Speaker : Abou-Bakari Imorou, anthropologist (University of Abomey Calavi, Lasdel)
Consommation émergente de "performants" et "d'augmentants", réflexions à partir d'une étude conduite
dans le Nord du Bénin

4- Political stakes of pharmaceuticals in Africa
Speaker : Kristin Peterson, anthropologist and political scientist (University of California)
The political economy of medicine in Africa

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The symposium " Regulations, Markets, Health " 2018 take place in the IRSP to Ouidah.

route des Esclaves - Ouidah - Benin

From March, monday 26 at 13:00
to March, thursday 29 to 12:30

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